Casual contractors
Hospitality & Retail
Independant contractors
Healthcare workers
Permanent employees
Anyone who works for a wage

Etch is the first global smart contract based payroll platform that will allow for real time payments of wages, and real time sending of remittance

Money will flow into your Etch wallet every second of your working day

Buy lunch with money earnt that morning

Make money by sharing
the merchant fees with
your employer

Budgeting and escrow
services for rent, loan
repayments etc

Get second card for a family
member home or abroad

A percentage of money will flow into their account in real time too

No need to have a bank account

The Etch payroll card is accepted in millions of locations worldwide

Real time payments

Get access to your wages whenever you need it. This reduces the time taken from working to getting paid to zero.

Mobile screenshot

Fee-free card

Purchases with your Etch Payroll card are free, both in the UK and abroad.


Add additional cards

Need to send money back home? No problem. Simply tell Ethel the monthly/weekly amount and she will send that to the second card holder in real time too.

Mobile screenshot

Instant notifications

Etch will send you notification as soon as you make a payment. Ethel will let you know when money saved in smart contracts are paid over - say to landlord or car insurance.

Mobile screenshot

Budget helper

Let Ethel help you organise your budget (we would like to call her AI, but the reality is she is 2000 lines of code with a slight attitude).

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No more payday loans

A lack of basic financial security is rife even in advanced nations - a constant threat which looms over families and forms the root of many of society's problems. A symptom of this is that payday loans are becoming more common as people find it increasingly more difficult to make ends meet at the end of the month.

Etch's realtime payments will make these high-interest loans a thing of the past, and ensure that people who are already struggling to put food on the table aren't forced into debt.

No more no-payments

Contractors and freelancers sometimes find that they complete a job on time, only to find that their employer is unable, or unwilling, to pay.

The nature of the Ethereum blockchain means that all payments are completely transparent and cryptographically secure. All parties involved in the transaction will be able to monitor the flow of cash, and ensure that everything is going according to plan.

Etch therefore ensures that the contract between employer and employee is honoured - as soon as the money stops flowing, the work will too.

No more high fees

Cryptocurrencies are global currencies. As such you can convert your Etch tokens directly into any currency, without having to pay costly international transfer fees. Give a second Etch card to a family member at home or abroad and money will flow into their account in real time too - allowing for cheap, fast remittance payments.