The first evolution in payroll since the Industrial Revolution

Etch is the first global smart contract based payroll platform that will allow for real time payments of wages


Etch removes layers of business inefficiency; time and cost of payroll, while improving financial security in employees lives.

No duplication of data

Fill in our smart employment contract once.

No need to sign off payroll.

Make money by sharing
the merchant fees with

No need to pay 3rd party
company to run Payroll.

Save money by reducing
administrative burden.

Reduce payroll disputes between employer and employee.

Comply with tax
obligations - Deductions locked in a Smart Contract.

Improve cashflow by issuing your own credit on the Etch platform

(subject to credit rating & underwritten by insurance policy)

Remove layers of business inefficiency; time and cost of payroll

Etch is launching in the UK first, with clients in the construction and building facilities market.
We will launch in New York Q3 2018 and Singapore Q4 2018.

Our platform allows businesses in the UK to prepare their records in real time ready for HMRC.

HMRC made simple

HMRC Requirements Etch Traditional Payroll
Recorded Employee Pay Yes Yes
Calculate Deductions (PAYE, NIC, taxes, etc) Yes Yes
Calculate NI Contributions Yes Yes
Produce Payslips Yes Yes
Report Full Payment Submission (FPS) Yes Yes
Report Employer Payment Summary (EPS) Yes Yes
Report other types of pay (SSP, maternity, bonuses, etc) Yes Yes
Report agency contracts, employee authorisation, and payment details Yes Yes

Improved Payroll System

Reduce payment disputes between employer and employee with smart escrow contracts.

Save money by reducing administrative burdens.
Fill our our smart employment contract once - no need to sign off on payroll, and you can confirm worker eligibility to payments via on-site connected digital devices.

Technical Comparison Etch Traditional Payroll
Wages paid Per Second Weekly/Monthly
Remittance paid Per Second Not Possible
Administration Cost Minimal High
Human Error Minimal High
Payment Disputes Minimal High
Payroll Reports Any time Weekly/Monthly
Lifetime Employee Accounts Yes No